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July 16, 2006
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Sketch- The Hero Gaol by Niou Sketch- The Hero Gaol by Niou
Yep yep. 'S been a long time since my last deviation, but really, I just haven't been really inspired.

If you've never played Final Fantasy Tactics advanced, you probably have absolutely no idea what this is a drawing of. Well, in the game, you play a character named Marche, who gets trapped in a world created by a magical book called the Gran Grimoire. From there, you do missions with your clan such as doing oddjobs and even doing battle, or engaging, other clans. As for this character, throughout the game, a number of key items, as well as an event or two, mention a person named Gaol who was supposidly a hero of Ivalice (the world) a long time ago.

Also, you'll eventually pick up on two weapons, Ayvuir Red and Ayvuir Blue, which were said to be Gaol's weapons, and a character can join your party after using a tome on a mission entitled, "The Hero Gaol."

So, anyway, I always assumed that Marche resembled Gaol, because in the game he often seems like a hero, not to mention finding the Ayvuir Swords. And so, I thought he might even look like Gaol. So, here is my personal concept of what Gaol looked like. I have no idea what he really looks like, as you never know in the game (or anywhere else, for that matter), and while this is a drawing portraying (what I think) is a character from a trademarked game, it's all just what I imagine.

For those of you who've played the game, I always assumed that Gaol was a Fighter/Blue Mage. What about you? Any opinion?

I'll be submitting a completed and colored version later, as soon as I can figure out how to emulate the art style of the game.

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Kuzlalala Feb 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks awsome!
Elris4 Aug 6, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
I don't know about Blue Mage, but I think he had to be a Ninja at some point; for the double sword ability. Of course I could be wrong. I'm just going by the rules that apply to players.
Mayuiki Aug 30, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wahhh..i haven't visited your gallery in so long ><; im very sorry!

i really like this piece. love the clothes :D
i've always wanted to play tactics advanced!
No problem. I'm just happy you even look at my gallery!

You really should play the game, though, if you've got a DS or GBA on hand. Its really fun, if you don't mind 100+ hours of gameplay.
It's nice, but Marche never gets, nor Gaol ever had, the sword on his back...
Aren't Avyier Red and Blue supposed to be more European and less Asian? The swords "Gaol" has in the picture are kind of like Wakazashis...
Anyway, it is a nice sketch, but I have my quarrels with your interpretation of Gaol.
It isn't my place to question your interpretation though.
Quiet commendable.
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